Comptinuum Anti money-laundering record keeping toolset

We provide a low-cost software solution for Accountancy Service Providers (ASPs) to assist them with UK H.M. Revenue & Customs Money Laundering Regulations compliance.  If you run a book-keeping, estate agency, money service or similar non-regulated accounting service for your customers, we have a simple to use Toolset  that will save you hours of work in getting to grips with your UK H.M. Revenue & Customs record keeping requirements for anti money-laundering.

The Comptinuum AML Toolset gives you near immediate payback, minimising your time to get set up, giving you more time to serve your customers!

The Comptinuum AML toolset may also be suitable for non UK jurisdictions with similar AML requirements - check your national regulations for further information.

Key features of the Comptinuum AML Record Keeping Toolset

The system is very easy for you to use.  Instructions are included on how to install the template for Windows 10 and Windows 7.   

  • Easy to use spreadsheet-based solution
    • Nothing extra to maintain!
  • Policy Statement Template provided
    • Contains an AML Policy Statement that you can use and edit to suit your business 
  • Initial Risk Assessment made simple 
    • Uses numeric association and Red Amber Green (RAG) reporting to highlight risks, based on the question profile drawn up by HMRC and additional factors
  • Customisable Front Page RAG report
    • For you to more easily monitor your critical risk factors
  • Risk Factors prescribed by HMRC are templated for you!
    • Take the risk factors directly from the HMRC requirements and generate responses and guidance for Management 
  • Recommendations for Action provided
    • Highlighted based upon your analysis and inputs
  • Record Keeping simplified 
    • Instructions on how to maintain version controlled copies of the AML Toolset to provide an audit trail of reporting and record keeping are provided

This toolset will save you many hours of work giving time for you to run your business!

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