The Anti Money-Laundering (AML) Toolset is very easy to use. It helps your business to become compliant with the HMRC legislation.  It is a spreadsheet-based software which means there’s none of the complexity associated with installing and maintaining new computer programs. It comes delivered as a Microsoft Excel Template so it’s ready to use right away. Full instructions on how to load the template are provided.

Let's take a look through a few of the screens to give you an idea of the features.  Click on any of the graphics to go to the order page.

Initial Risk Assessment

The starting point for your record-keeping compliance.  In this section the customer names are recorded, together with information regarding:

  • Background information
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Monitoring of Activity

There's an initial indicator of confidence based on risk factors entered so far before you look at risk mitigations.

Once again, the is all configured for you in the spreadsheet - you can customise it for your own compliance needs.

Document Electronic Record Filing

HMRC require you to certify identity and address.  This can be readily achieved through scanning of documents such as passports and utility bills.

The Document Electronic Filing worksheet is a repository for these scanned documents and any notes that you wish to add.  It can easily be expended to accommodate other requirements for your particular needs.

If, for reasons of privacy, you need to keep these records elsewhere, it's a simple matter to enter hyperlink to the location for those with the access privileges.

Risk Factor Report (RAG)

The Risk Factor Report is a look-up which provides an at-a-glance status of the risks that you have identified as important for you to keep an eye on.  It uses the Red Amber Green (RAG) style to alert you.

The system is supplied with some examples pre-configured.  It's really simple to change the report and to pull through other risk factors from within the processing engine that you wish to review.

The example configuration is simple to modify with basic spreadsheet skills.

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Tablet data collector tool now included

We have released a data collector optimised for tablets, which will enable you to easily collect customer information whilst on site, including Customer Risk Assessment data entry.